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Mid-life career change… disconnecting a profession

TChanging a career at some stage can be but really frustrating,.....

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Twin Talk – Love the one you’re with

You have probably been discouraged in one or more endeavours that you wanted to pursue.

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What’s is happening outside Africa

PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia (AP), January 22 — Indonesian divers have retrieved six more bodies...

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Finite Magazine

What is finite?

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Enjoy it while it lasts

Comparison or compatibility?

If you are in a relationship I am praying for you so that the good Lord grants you wisdom to see how important your partner is while he or she is still around.


Why women love shoes?

"While you may age out of plunging necklines and miniskirts, a woman of any age can enjoy a stiletto or vampy toe cleavage," says Michelle Madhok, founder of, a style and shopping resource.

Foods for strong and healthy nails

Healthy nails should have a pink type, no marks and be strong. Brittle, cracked or discoloured nails can be an indication of a lack of nutrients or even health problems, like hypothyroidism.

Lesotho Tourism's Keeper

His affection, passion and dedication to tourism have benefited Lesotho and turned the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation into an institution now able to share its accomplishments.

Making Money beyond limitations

As Mari Kuraish, the Co-founder and President of Global Giving stated, "The power of crowdfunding is not in the funding, but in the crowd." Perhaps you have heard of crowdfunding and its fundamentals but you do not know where to get started.

Your winter wedding

If you have planned your special day to fall between the months of May, June and July, there is a chance you will be facing an extreme chilly weather, icy roads and frigid winds.

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