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As Lesotho celebrates 48 years of independence, some feel that the country is still far from addressing the gender equality battle. This fact was plainly demonstrated when Lesotho courts ruled against Senate Masupha, e? effectively denying her chieftainship, citing the following excerpt from the Laws of Lerotholi: "succession of Chieftainship in Basutoland shall be by right of birth..

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Employees are often taken to be the bad guy when a business doesn't take off as expected, or when work is not performed at its level best. However, when someone is hired to perform a particular function and is not performing as expected, the employer or supervisor is equally to blame. A two thronged approach must be undertaken by the employee to improve delivery and by the employer to boost such a person's performance. So, what can be done?


Movie Review: Hercules

Hercules' place has been cemented in popular culture through endless portrayals in film, cartoons and television. The newest version, directed by Brett Ratner, is based on the graphic novel "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" and tries to put a new spin on an old story. We meet Hercules (played ably by the affable Dwayne Johnson) just aft er he has completed the legendary Twelve Labors tasked to him by his father,

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