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Rami Chunene - vicious diva as she plays on Muvhango

Most people recognize Rami Chunene as the power hungry, vicious diva she plays on Muvhango, however this could not be further from the truth of who she really is; a multi-talented beautiful woman who is keen on empowering the youth and women. For Rami acting is not just a hobby but a passion. She has enjoyed an illustrious career in acting that has spanned over a decade.

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Why ratios matter?

A financial ratio is a simple mathematical comparison of two or more entries from a company's financial statements. Business owners and managers use ratios to chart a company's progress, uncover trends and point to potential problem areas in a business. Bankers and investors look at a company's ratios when trying to decide if they want to lend money or invest in the company.


King's birthday festivities

Over the years, birthday celebrations have become quite popular all over the world and today they are internationally celebrated by most people irrespective of their caste and social status.

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